Chiropractic Care for
the Whole Community

Your Local Wellness Center


Chiropractic is based on the emerging science that the body is capable of powerful self-healing and that these capabilities are governed by the nervous system. We activate this healing by stimulating the nervous system with chiropractic adjustments, managing mental stress, and giving the body the nutrition it needs.


People thrive on chiropractic care when used regularly and as a preventative measure to pain and ill health. It takes time and repetition to train your body to be more powerful and energetic, just like going to the gym. With Organic Chiropractic we make it easy for you to get in quickly for your regular adjustment. No appointments and short waits make staying healthy more convenient than ever.


Our mission is to make chiropractic care available to our whole community. Finances can be a major obstacle to receiving the regular care that creates lasting improvements to your life. We are able to keep our prices very low using a model that doesn’t accept health insurance. For most people, our prices will be lower than their insurance copay in an office that does accept insurance.


Introductory Offer

Consultation, exam and treatment

Individual Treatment

Single adjustment


4 treatments per month (debited monthly)