Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take insurance?

We do not accept any type of insurance. We do this in order to keep our overhead expenses low so we can offer chiropractic care at a great value. Our prices will cost about what your copay would be if you were using insurance. HSA or FSA cards are accepted.

Can I make an appointment?

No appointment is necessary. When it is convenient for you, simply walk in to our office anytime we are open. If you'd like to add yourself to today's wait list to hold your place in line and receive a text message when you have about 15 minutes until it's your turn, click here.

How long will I wait?

Wait times vary but our average is around 15 minutes. See the number of people currently waiting here.

How long is a typical treatment?

An adjustment will take about 10 minutes to perform on a typical visit.

What should I expect on the first visit?

The first visit entails filling out paperwork that describes the reason you are here and a medical history which is used to tailor the treatment to your comfort and safety.  The doctor will then do a physical exam to help with diagnosing your issue. Most patients get adjusted on their first visit.

Are adjustments dangerous?

Adjustments are one of the safest treatments a doctor can prescribe. In fact chiropractors have one of the lowest malpractice insurance premiums of any doctor. Taking Aspirin is statistically more dangerous than getting adjusted.

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